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Sip & Shop: A night of AI Innovation, Networking, and Shopping

Mejeticks prioritizes curating events that not only bring our customers together but also foster meaningful connections and discussions. The recent Sip & Shop event at Peter Millar, sponsored by industry leaders Windstream and Talkdesk, was a highlight to our year.

A warm thank you to Windstream and Talkdesk for their generous sponsorship. Your support played a pivotal role in making this event come to life, a resounding success, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and partnership.

Creating experiences for our customers

Our time spent shopping and enjoying happy hour was not just about technology; it was a celebration of connections. Attendees engaged in vibrant discussions on the benefits of AI in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape. The networking opportunities were further amplified during the happy hour, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration.


Mejeticks' role at the event was to add depth to the conversations, providing expert insights and guidance for potential projects that stemmed from the event. The success of the event goes beyond the night itself. We're thrilled to announce that the event sparked the initiation of 5 different deals, solidifying our commitment to driving positive outcomes in the IT industry.

In 2023, Mejeticks saw the opportunity to have more customer-facing events and engage with them outside of the workplace. We hosted several events that came out to a great success. Along with our event at Peter Millar, we took our customers to drive luxury sports cars, sporting events, Ski Trips in Colorado, and plenty more.

Collaboration in your city

Rob DeVita, CEO and Founder, became passionate about meeting clients in a different atmosphere. He saw the opportunity to build relationships at these events. Sip & Shop at Peter Millar was a testament to the power of face-to-face interactions, fostering connections that go beyond the digital landscape. The bonds formed during the event are the foundation of lasting partnerships.

The discussions on the benefits of AI were not just informative but eye-opening. The event served as a platform for sharing insights and knowledge, empowering our clients and prospects to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

We look forward to the exciting events we have coming this year. It's just the beginning. Stay tuned for more engaging events, insightful discussions, and collaborative opportunities that will shape the future of technology.

Join us at our next extravaganza! You can find more events on our website.

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