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The era of modernizing communication infrastructure

Mejeticks: Shifting communication solutions for a Lending and Brokerage client

In the fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. With the rise in interest rates and a changing market, one lending and brokerage company found themselves in a tight spot. Their current on-premise PBX solutions were not flexible enough to handle scaling up and down dynamically and also lacked key features that are only available with a cloud-based solution. They needed a more efficient and cost-effective unified communications and contact center solution, and that's where Mejeticks came in.

The Challenge: On-Premise PBX & Improved Functionality

The client's first project with Mejeticks was to pivot their UCaaS solution to improve collaboration and internal communication. With around 1,200 UCaaS seats and 100 CCaaS seats, they were spending over $40,000 a month. The solution was no longer meeting their needs and lacked the necessary functionality and features, causing delays and hindering internal communication.

Listening and Finding the Right Solutions

Mejeticks prides themselves on listening to client's needs and finding the right solutions for them. During the first discovery call, Mejeticks understood the client’s requirements. In real-time, Mejeticks generated a UCaaS matrix that gave a side-by-side comparison of providers. Mejeticks went to the market and, within a week, brought three different providers to the table for demos. Giving the client a range of cost, features, and vendor options; they were able to analyze what product would fit best with their company size, culture, budget, and requirements.

An Integrated Solution for Optimal Results

With the UCaaS solution successfully implemented, Mejeticks’ next challenge was to provide an integrated solution for their CCaaS needs.

The Client needed two features that integrated with their current solution:

  • A dialer

  • Quality Management Tool

Once again, the Mejeticks team listened and worked closely with the client to understand their requirements. By negotiating prices and having a thorough understanding of the vendor's roadmap, we were able to provide an integrated UCaaS and CCaaS solution on the same platform.

The Journey to Success

Implementing the UCaaS and CCaaS solutions for the client was no easy feat. The client had six months remaining on their contract with their on-premise PBX provider, but in that time, Mejeticks continued to be persistent. Once the UCaaS solution was implemented, the CCaaS project was in the pipeline. Due to persistence and commitment to providing white-glove service, Mejeticks won out competition with another IT advisor. Being successful in the first UCaaS project led to the client entrusting Mejeticks with their CCaaS project as well.

Result-Driven Data

The lending and brokerage company was spending $40K on their previous solution before bringing in Mejeticks. Through a deep dive into understanding the client's requirements and preferences, Mejeticks brought multiple solutions to the table. The client is now more satisfied with their UCaaS and contact center platform with Mejeticks as their trusted advisor. They are saving $23,000 moving forward.

At Mejeticks, it's not just about providing innovative solutions but also about understanding the needs of our clients and going above and beyond to ensure their success. This customer success story is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch service in the vendor selection and contract negotiation process. Our ability to listen, persist, and negotiate sets us apart in a competitive market. We are proud to have partnered with this lending and brokerage company and improved their internal and external communications while saving money per month. We don't just provide solutions; we provide success stories.

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