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Data Center Migration: Mejeticks' Client Makes a Strategic Leap Forward

Are you prepared to navigate the complexities of a data center migration and unlock new levels of efficiency and cost savings for your business?

Mejeticks recent project with a healthcare management firm on their data center migration is not just a story of technological upgrade, but a strategic move that reflects their commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and fiscal responsibility.

A leading healthcare management firm based in Frisco, Texas, has recently marked a significant achievement in its IT infrastructure strategy. Mejeticks partnered with the client to successfully migrate its data center operations, a move aimed at addressing the rising costs and complexities associated with maintaining an onsite data center.

Facing Challenges and Identifying Objectives

The firm, grappling with the financial strain of running an N+1 redundant onsite data center, faced escalating maintenance costs. The need for a more efficient operational model was imperative. Mejeticks, with its expertise in cloud computing, network, contact center, and voice services, presented a solution that promised not only to cut costs but also to streamline operations, making the management of IT infrastructure more efficient, manageable, secure, and scalable at a much lower cost.

Project Engagement and Scope

The partnership with Mejeticks allowed the firm to identify insights on vendor selection, facility evaluation, and meticulous migration planning to ensure a smooth transition.

Through discovery and understanding of the client's current position, Mejeticks provided real-time options that met their compliance regulations and operational requirements. They currently were facing escalating costs which Mejeticks then negotiated with multiple vendors in scope to find a price that met the budget.

Vendor Selection and Facility Assessment

The consultancy conducted a comprehensive market analysis to identify potential vendors, evaluating them against rigorous criteria to ensure the best fit for the firm's needs. After extensive assessments and site evaluations, the consultancy recommended a vendor that promised the right mix of infrastructure capabilities and operational congruence with the firm's requirements.

This strategic initiative underscores the firm's commitment to operational excellence and positions it at the forefront of healthcare management companies leveraging innovative IT solutions to enhance their business operations.

Project Execution and Achievements

The Mejeticks team played a crucial role in the data center migration process, handling vendor negotiations, contract finalizations, and project management with exceptional precision.

The successful deployment of two data center footprints not only fulfilled but surpassed the firm's expectations, yielding significant cost reductions and enhanced operational efficiencies.

A Partnership Based on Efficiency and Understanding

The foundation of our partnership with the healthcare management firm client was built on dependency and a shared commitment to efficiency. A critical aspect of their operational requirements was the need for a cost-effective solution and seamless transition. The proposed vendors seamlessly integrated this requirement, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and continuity of care. 

Our attention to detail, understanding of their requirements, and ability to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly solution were vital to solidifying our partnership. This journey is a testament to our client-centric approach and dedication to meeting our client's specific needs precisely and efficiently. 


At Mejeticks, it's not just about providing innovative solutions but also about understanding the needs of our clients and going above and beyond to ensure their success. This customer success story is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-notch service in vendor selection and contract negotiation. Our ability to listen, persist, and negotiate sets us apart in a competitive market. We are proud to have partnered with this healthcare organization to improve its business operations. We don't just provide solutions; we provide successful partnerships.

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