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Mejeticks Day at the TCU Sales Center

Mejeticks’ sponsorship of the TCU Sales Center has proven to be a strategic advantage for the company. This partnership has streamlined the hiring process, allowing Mejeticks to quickly identify and recruit candidates who are eager to succeed in the sales industry and bring fresh perspectives and a hunger for success to the company.

The Texas Christian University Neely School of Business is home to the TCU Sales Center, a hub of practical sales education and experiential learning. The center offers a range of programs and events designed to equip students with the skills needed for successful careers in sales and marketing.

Recently, the TCU Sales Center was the focal point of “Mejeticks Day,” an event sponsored by Mejeticks, which underscored the company’s commitment to building the next generation of business leaders. The day was filled with activities that provided students with real-world insights and valuable professional development opportunities.

Mejeticks Day started with a series of mock interviews conducted by the Mejeticks team. Ten students from the program participated in these 30-minute sessions, which served as a platform for them to receive constructive feedback and guidance on interview techniques, enhancing their preparedness for the job market. There was more to mock interviews than just adding feedback. Mejeticks left mock interviews with multiple candidates to be new hires as Business Development Interns.

As the day unfolded, a networking luncheon allowed around 100 students to engage with the Mejeticks team. The luncheon opened the door for beneficial conversations. Mejeticks was there to share the company’s values and industry knowledge, explore internship opportunities, and identify potential future hires.

The sponsorship of the TCU Sales Center by Mejeticks highlights the company’s dedication to supporting educational initiatives and providing resources for developing sales expertise.

The afternoon was dedicated to academia, as Mejeticks’ representatives participated in three classroom lectures on cold calling and selling practices. Their real-world experiences and knowledge brought a new dimension to the curriculum as they presented and engaged with an audience of students and faculty members.

The decision to sponsor the TCU Sales Center has been rewarding for Mejeticks. It yields a competitive edge in talent acquisition and reinforces the company’s commitment to investing in the future of the sales profession. This partnership not only enhances Mejeticks’ talent pipeline but also strengthens the company’s ties to the academic community and its role in shaping the sales leaders of tomorrow.


For more information on Mejeticks’ initiatives and partnerships, including their ongoing support of the TCU Sales Center, visit the company’s website. Join us in celebrating the success of “Mejeticks Day” and the bright future it heralds for TCU Neely School of Business students.

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