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Day in the Life of a Mejeticks Employee

Ever wondered what it's like to roll with the Mejeticks crew? Well, let us tell you the inside scoop of a day in the life of a Mejeticks employee. Working at Mejeticks is more than a job; it is an immersive engagement with a workplace that embodies innovation, fosters collaboration, and exudes a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Picture this

You step into the Mejeticks workspace, and it's not just an office; it's a vibrant hub of activity. The day kicks off with a team gathering, setting the tone for what feels like a family reunion. It's an environment where colleagues aren't just coworkers; they're your extended work family.

At Mejeticks, the concept of work isn't separate from fun; it's a part of our culture. We believe in the power of enjoying what we do, and it is reflected in every interaction. It's like having a workplace where every challenge becomes an opportunity to learn and grow together.

Challenges we face are about tackling exciting projects collectively, fueled by a shared commitment to delivering excellence.

Every team member brings fresh ideas and opinions to the table. Here, you are not a number. Rob DeVita, Founder and CEO, has created an environment that thrives on new thoughts and ideas. Whether you're a seasoned professional OR a fresh intern, everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts.


We are headquartered out of a penthouse suite in the heart of Dallas, Texas. With access to numerous amenities and luxurious spaces, it makes coming to work FUN and comfortable. Our office gives us the ability to host lunch and learn with our vendors, happy hours, celebrations, and meetings for our industry.

For the last year, Mejeticks has been a sponsor for the Texas Christian University School of Neely Sales Center. We invited 15 students to the office and allowed them to shadow a day in the life of a Mejeticks employee. They sat in on sales calls and vendor training and afterward enjoyed lunch right outside of our building.

With the opportunity to sponsor the TCU Sales Center, we realized what set us apart.

From attending concerts and sports games to hosting learning events and lunch and learns, there's always something exciting happening at Mejeticks. As a VAR, value-add reseller, in the Channel, we have the honor to participate in activities with industry leaders and our clients.

Mejeticks core values are:

  • Drive results for our customers

  • Deliver best-in-class solutions

  • Measure ourselves against greatness

  • Treat our employees like family

  • Put our customers first

  • Have fun!

In conclusion, a day in the life at Mejeticks is more than a routine – it's a collaboration of shared experiences, laughter, and mutual support. It's a place where professionalism meets fun, creating an environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. Mejeticks sees every day as an opportunity to thrive and enjoy success.

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