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Mejeticks | Sponsors of the TCU Sales Center

Dec 13, 2023

Mejeticks experience as key account sponsors of the Texas Christian University Sales Center.

At Mejeticks, we firmly believe in investing not only in our business but also in the growth and development of future business leaders. Our recent sponsorship of Texas Christian University's Sales Center stands as a testament to this commitment, showcasing the need for collaboration and results that follow.

Our partnership with the TCU Sales Center was not just a sponsorship; it was a strategic investment in the future of sales excellence. As sponsors, we had the opportunity to engage in a semester-long relationship with professors and students at the university.

The Mission of the Sales Center is to amplify the careers and lives of their students by focusing on real-world selling. They connect students to experienced faculty, partners, and executives who lead in-class educational sessions. Through these relationships, students receive personal coaching and mentoring and, ultimately, prepare for quality careers upon graduation. Their hands-on, consultative approach prepares students for a successful career in sales by using experiential learning that mirrors real-world sales problems, competitions, quotas, and customer prospecting.

Throughout the 2023 Fall Semester, we intentionally invested in the young professionals at TCU. We were assigned three groups to perform a comprehensive semester-long study on Mejeticks. The students were to present three ways that our business could be successful in the hiring process and grow brand awareness.

In the groups deep dive into understanding Mejetick's business, they proposed that we implement a streamlined training process and update the website to showcase our culture. This was not just an academic exercise for the students; it was a testament to their dedication for learning the intricacies of our business.

What set this partnership apart was not just the exchange of ideas but the actionable steps the students provided us with. We were committed to putting their ideas into action. We took immediate steps to implement the proposals, demonstrating our responsiveness to innovative solutions putting Mejeticks a leg up in the recruitment process.

With our sponsorship, we had the advantage of actively participating in mock interviews, judging case competition presentations, and spoke to the Foundations of Selling class. Understanding how college students are learning consultative selling provided us with valuable insights into the future of sales methodologies.

Beyond the professional setting, the sponsorship allowed us to build lasting relationships with the students and faculty. The mentorship and guidance offered during this period created a bond that extends beyond the sponsorship. As we continue to foster relationships and champion education, we are excited about the future possibilities that collaboration with TCU holds. We look forward to empowering success!

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